Friday, August 6, 2010

what's in a name?

my full name is Kimberley Ann/Aine Elisabeth Tzipora Smith.

Aine is Irish, and pronounced like 'Awn-yar'.

Potential other first names for me were Tzipora, Megan, or Sinead. 

Dad liked the name Kimberley, so I got it.

Aine was for my great-grandmother, Ann is the Anglicized verison of it. Tzipora was for both my mother and my grandmother and her mother and her mother. They were all called Tzipora till it got to my mum and my grandparents decided to name her Kerry-Ann in order for her to have a less hard time at school. Elisabeth is for St. Elisabeth of Hungary, aka the saint I took for confirmation.

What about the names that I like?

That's a different kettle of fish. But for my children, I'm gonna try and get them all down...


Maria Roisin (roh-sheen)
Emmeline Mathilde
Elizabeth Yocheved (yokh-e-ved)
Florence Eleanor
Christabel Victoire

As you can see, my daughters will be named after strong women. Emmeline, for Emmeline Pankhurst, Yocheved for the mother of Moses, Florence for Florence Nightingale, Eleanor for Eleanor of Aquitaine...

Patrick Joseph
Gabriel Colm
Isaac Adrian
Alasdair Luke
Jean-Pierre Dominic

These are just a mixture of my Irish and Jewish backgrounds. Granted, Alasdair is Scottish, but it's still an adorable name.

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