Tuesday, August 31, 2010

social justice

At my school, there are racist people from all sides of the spectrum by the shitload. I overheard a group of particular girls talking about how racism against white people 'didn't exist'. That's alright, then they went on to say, in English, that the Holocaust didn't happen. 

Those girls were wearing the hijab. Now, some of my closest friends are Muslim, and they have absolutely no problem with my Jewish heritage.

Those girls probably didn't have any idea that the school's resident half-Jewess was walking past them. Thank God that I didn't inherit the Irish temper, but instead the Jewish stoicism. Otherwise I would've gone ape shit, then and there. 

How dare you try and deny what my grandparents and a supposed 11 million others went through. They went to somewhere beyond the darkest depths of hell. In your country, it might be hell. But it's not Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen, let me fucking tell you that. It'll never be Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen. They had tattoos to remind them every day of what they fucking went through.

TRUE STORY: My Opa/Dedushka always wore long shirts, even in summer. On one forty six degree day, I managed to pull his sleeve up, and I saw his tattoo. That was the only time that he slapped me, and later, after I had bawled my eyes out going to sleep, he came in and he gave me the biggest hug, and he was shaking. He was crying too, and he kept saying 'I sorry, I sorry, I sorry.' He tried to explain to me: "I went to very bad place, Tzipora, my darling little girl. Very bad place. When you grow up, you vill know. But now, I can only tell you that your oma and I went to bad place."

 Be thankful that you're going to a school where there are other people like you. Be thankful that when you came here, there were other people like you. Adelaide has a minimal Jewish population. How do you think Herr and Frau Bedermann felt when they arrived in Adelaide, knowing no English and having no skills except how to farm?

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