Sunday, August 29, 2010

love don't pay no bills

Bit of a scary last half haha, but we won AND we finished above the Crows/Cows/Fruit Tingles. Nice one Port, now let's translate that good stuff into a finals appearance next year! Let's run this! There's a reason why we've never hit the bottom of the ladder by season's end! WE'VE GOT THE POWER TO WIN! EST. 1870,  NOW THAT'S HISTORY! I was a Port Magpies supporter in the womb haha, and I supported Collingwood in the AFL till Port came in. Now I support both a bit equally, but the Port Adelaide Football Club helped out my dad when he first came here, and they helped out my grandparents when they arrived as well. Supporting Port is a way of life, a religion. I love my boys, especially #27. LOVE YOU ALIPATE/BOBBY! Forget Ben Cousins, us Power supporters need the drugs to handle the fucking stress of watching our boys play sometimes! Now the Cows may have more 'fans', but they're not the team for all South Australians, fuck that. Unless all South Australian men beat up their wives/girlfriends, get into punch ups, break innocent people's jaws, and get in to betting scandals.

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