Tuesday, August 3, 2010

shit that needs to get done.

  • media studies horror trailer filming
  • media studies investigation
  • media studies magazine
  • comms article
  • comms free choice
  • SOS investigation
  • SOS oral presentation
  • SOS advertisement
  • design graphics final product
  • design graphics investigative report
  • modern history major
  • modern history exam
  • modern history comparative essay
Like usual, I have nothing to be shitty about; I should be happy that I've only got one exam. However, there are pros to exams; they are there on purpose to save your shit at the end of the year.

i need a 90 TER score to get into journalism and international studies.
fuck that shit.
fuck university, and fuck tafe, i'm going to defer and work. save my pennies, travel, move to France.

i should really learn how to css.

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