Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kimberley, put down that book!

I hear it every Media Studies lesson. If my teacher starts confiscating books like he confiscates phones, then I'm fucking screwed. Today, when he told me to put away my book ('The Girl in Times Square', by Paullina Simons), I protested that there were only five minutes left in the lesson. His response? "Yes, and you're wasting five minutes of your life if you just read that book." When I later made a jab at the fact that he was carrying a pink pen in his hands, he put on a really mean accent and said, with a lisp, that he was getting in touch with his feminine side.

Mr. Fletcher, some days are bearable, some days I cannot stand you. Either way, there is very little chance of my investigation draft getting to you by Friday. :)

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