Tuesday, August 10, 2010

down Cypress Avenue

she jumps up and says
"Lord have mercy, I think that it's the cops!"

Van Morrison = amazing. I think I've been listening to his stuff since I was in the womb...he's one of my dad's favourite singers. Then again, my dad also likes Earth, Wind & Fire (shit IMO). And Def Leppard (even more shit, wanna hear a joke? What's got 9 arms and sucks? TROLOLOLO).

Aaaaaaaaaanyway. Van Morrison. My dad was about 19 when his best album, entitled 'Astral Weeks' came out. Damnit, it's an absolute masterpiece. Van himself was only about 23 when it was released. I've just downloaded the album after being stuck with sitting next to our old record player and straining my ears for sound. Fuck, it still sounds so amazing, so sublime, so full of beauty, wonder, and soul. I seriously consider 'Astral Weeks' to be the greatest album of all time, because it endures.

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