Friday, August 13, 2010

and another thing.


Newsflash: It's shit, in my opinion.

I managed to read the first three books before they became a craze. I knew one thing from the start: I hated Edward Cullen. I was a total Team Jacob girl. Edward Cullen, to me, seemed like a misogynistic prick from the start, and Bella was stupid enough to fall for his shit. He controlled her, and she let him do it. I may be shy, but I was raised in a family of fucking strong women; many of them nuns. I can't imagine letting my husband control me.

my sister is taking too fucking long doing her makeup in the bathroom. Granted, I don't care about makeup all that much; I don't use foundation, and usually I don't use blush either, or mascara. But she takes a whole heap of time with her makeup, and then she leaves her fucking makeup wipes everywhere. I WANT TO TAKE A SHOWER, YOU SELFISH COW, OR DID YOU NOT REALISE THAT THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU?

You've got gall stones, you know that, that should be enough for you to stop stuffing yourself, but do you? No. "Ohhhh my guts hurt" WELL OBVIOUSLY, BITCH. YOU REAP WHAT YOU FUCKING SOW.

I cannot wait to move out.

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