Monday, August 2, 2010

Noun 1. tsaritsa - the wife or widow of a tsar

Years ago, perhaps when I was ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen...I fell in love with European royalty. The particular family that started this craze?

i use the word 'craze' a bit too much.

The Romanovs were the royal family of Russia, the land of a chunk of my cultural heritage. At the risk of sounding utterly and completely absurd, I will say this:


The Romanov dynasty lasted for over 300 years, until the main family were executed at the hands of the Soviets in 1918. 'Tsaritsa' is the word that they used to replace 'Queen', though 'Empress' was also often used.

My obsession with European royal families has faded a bit, for now. But now, because I am currently studying the Russian Revolution, my interest is sparked up again. Like many of my interests, it will spark up and then fade, a bit like a bad lightbulb, until I decide to be interested a couple of months later.

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