Thursday, September 30, 2010

this is so stupid

I just want to scream.

My mind won't let me do that.

(C'mon. You're the shy one. You're the OLSH prude, remember?)

I am. But I wonder what it would feel like to be like a loud, bubbly, carefree, happy girl.

....nah. I'll stick to being an introverted bookworm.

I want to feel what it is like to go out.
With a guy.
/dad will end up bringing someone over for me. my personality is my downfall.

God knows any guy would dislike me. I'm an ice bitch. The last guy....we thought we were going to end up marrying each other, in a small chapel, and have many children. He just wanted the names 'Lucas' and 'Claire' in there, while I was busy making up all these other names that acknowledged my cultural heritage and my beliefs and my heroines.

Yeah. I blocked him a week ago. It was his fault, I swear. It's not my fault that his 'best friend' is a fucking misogynistic wog prick. not to be racist, but seriously.

Dear ex-best friend:

If I see you in the street, I'll hold my head high, and clasp my hands--a bit like the portrait below--and I will fucking ignore you, because my mama brought me up to be an ice queen to any man that didn't know me.

Take that, prick.

"Anna! Anna Cleves!"
All I want from life is a husband who loves me.
Children who love me even more.
Laughter, food, music in my home.
A nice job. Nothing special.

Is it so hard to achieve?

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