Thursday, September 30, 2010


daughter of the Troubles.

grand daughter of the Holocaust

great grand daughter of the Russian pogroms (no wonder why most of the revolutionaries in 1918 were Jewish!)

God bless and keep Israel. God knows what would happen to the Jews if it didn't exist. Israel is our homeland. It always has, it always will be.  Everyone has a right to a homeland. Shit, there's a million Muslim states, a million Christian states, why does the world get mad when the sole Jewish state dares to defend itself against the terrorist group that is Hamas? FUCK PALESTINE.

Death and destruction have, hand in hand, followed my ancestors around for centuries.
I hope that my children grow up to be children of peace. Of course, when it is time for them to know, they will know about the Troubles and what their ancestors gave up for them to ensure that they were allowed to practice their faith and have a nationality freely. They will know about the Holocaust, and the sacrifices their great-grandparents made so that that we could be free, and the journey to Hell and back that they made to do it. They will know about the pogroms, and they will know that nowadays Christianity and Judaism can exist peacefully without any problems.

herald of peace.

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