Sunday, October 3, 2010

mustang sally!

I wish my dad didn't like golf so much. Ever since we got Foxtel back in 1998, he's been up every Saturday/Sunday morning watching the goddamned golf. Right now he's cheering for some English golfer dude in some championship with Europe vs. America as the main focus. Europe is currently kicking arse and taking names, just proves that Europeans are just simply...the best ;D hahahaha, coming from strong European ancestry, I can say that, no matter how much of a shithole it is at the moment! Some Irish golfer dude is meant to be coming out soon, but I actually know his name cause Dad thinks he's God: PADRAIG HARRINGTON. Yeah, he's like really good at golf and us Irish people don't produce a world-beating sportsman very often! Our rugby union team is really good, but our main player is slowly turning into a skeleton D: Which reminds me, the COMMONWEALTH GAMESSSSSSSSSSSSS I watched the opening ceremony for a bit last night, was actually on the lookout for hot Australian/Canadian/Scottish/Welsh guys, but I was a bit disappointed :L Even the Winter Olympics earlier this year were better with regards to hotness! STEP UP YOUR ACTS ahahahahaha! I think when I grow up, I'm gonna marry a Canadian guy or a Welsh guy :) Welsh accents are crazy hot.

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